At this time, we are in search for hospitals and health systems to partner with Diabetes Alert.  The following will be provided free of charge to partnering hospitals/health systems:

  • Diabetes Alert window stickers with your hospital/health system logo included on the sticker
  • Diabetes Alert prescription form template
  • Information sheets for staff members detailing the program
  • Diabetes Alert website
  • Contact and training of area law enforcement will be conducted by Wellmont Health System
  • Sample letter to physicians describing the program
  • Sample letter to past patients completing diabetes education with hospital/health system

The responsibilities of the partnering hospital/health system are as follows:

  • Provide Diabetes Alert window stickers to individuals with diabetes who have prescription order forms
  • Print Diabetes Alert prescription form
  • Market the Diabetes Alert program in your area.  Below are suggested marketing ideas:
    • Letters to physicians with prescription forms
    • Letters to past patients with diabetes
    • Local pharmacists to complete/disperse prescription form for patients filling diabetes medication
    • Radio shows
    • News talk shows
    • Media public service announcements

Across the state, law enforcement and EMS have provided numerous stories of encounters with individuals having diabetic episodes while on roadways.  By providing the Diabetes Alert window sticker for patients to put on their cars, law enforcement can be aware that individuals may be having a hypoglycemic/hyperglycemic event.  We look forward to working with you and if we can help in any way, please contact the Wellmont Diabetes Treatment Centers at 423-224-3575 or 423-844-2950.